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Guy Delisle (born January 19, 1966) is a comic book author from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. He studied animation at Sheridan College in Oakville, near Toronto, and then worked for the animation studio CinéGroupe in Montreal. He later worked for different studios in Canada, Germany, France, China and North Korea. His experiences as a supervisor of animation work by studios in Asia were recounted in two graphic novels, Shenzhen (2000) and Pyongyang (2003). The two books, Delisle's most famous work, were first published in French by the independent bande dessinée publisher L'Association. They have been translated into many languages, including English, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese and Finnish .

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Albert And The Others (TP)
Limbs are swapped and pants are dropped in Albert and the Others, a collection of wordless strips that expose the pleasures, pitfalls, and perversities of masculinity. In this companion volume to Alin..
99.00kr 50.00kr
Aline And The Others (TP)
Women literally lose their heads as they swap limbs and lovers in Aline and the others, a collection of 26 sublimely perverse wordless strips by Guy Delisle, best known for his internationally success..
99.00kr 50.00kr
Anteckningar från Jerusalem
Guy Delisle lägger sakkunnigt grunden för en kulturell vägkarta över det nutida Jerusalem, genom att utnyttja den klassiska främling-i-ett-främmande-landsynvinkeln som gjorde hans andra böcker, Pyongy..
THE POPULAR TRAVELOGUE NOW IN PAPERBACK From the author of Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea and Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China comes Burma Chronicles, an informative look at a country that ..
Even More Bad Parenting Advice (TP)
Ever wanted to know how to be awarded the Best Dad in the Whole World? Guy Delisle has all the answers for you in these lighthearted, entertaining tales of parental mishaps and practical jokes gone wr..
129.00kr 65.00kr
"Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City is the acclaimed graphic memoirist Guy Delisle s strongest work yet, a thoughtful and moving travelogue about life in contemporary Jerusalem. Delisle expertly..
OBS! Nu sänkt pris: Förr 185kr Nordkorea 2001. Den helt mörklagda flygplatsen, motorvägarna utan trafik, ”volontärer” som ansar gräsmattor med skära, och överallt bilderna på Fadern och Sonen. Kim..
A westerner's visit into North Korea, told in the form of a graphic novel. Famously referred to as one of the "Axis of Evil" countries, North Korea remains one of the most secretive and mysterious ..
Shenzhen is entertainingly compact with Guy Delisle’s observations of life in urban southern China, sealed off from the rest of the country by electric fences and armed guards. With a dry wit and a cl..
Meditations on fatherhood from the author of Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City With A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting, the trademark dry humor that pervades Guy Delisle’s landmark and p..
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