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Eduardo Risso (born in 1959) is an Argentine comic book artist. In the United States he is probably best known for his work with writer Brian Azzarello on the Vertigo title 100 Bullets, while in Argentina and Europe he is noted for his collaborations with Ricardo Barreiro and Carlos Trillo. He has received much acclaim for his work.

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The best-selling graphic novels series 100 BULLETS written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso is now re-collected in a five volume series! This dark and intriguing Eisner Award-winni..
In the second collection of the acclaimed, award-winning 100 BULLETS, Agent Graves continues to offer immunity to everyday people to carry out their innermost desires of vengeance with the 100 bullets..
To kill without consequence: If you were given a chance at deadly retribution with a guarantee that the law could not touch you, would you take it? That’s the opportunity that Agent Graves provides, i..
100 Bullets Vol 05 Counterfifth Detective (TP)
Written by Brian Azzarello; Art by Eduardo Risso; Cover by Dave Johnson Reprinting issues #31-36 of the Harvey and Eisner Award-winning VERTIGO series, 100 BULLETS: THE COUNTERFIFTH DETECTIVE brings t..
BRIAN AZZARELLO and EDUARDO RISSO - the Eisner Award-winning creators of 100 BULLETS - return to Vertigo with their new interstellar mystery SPACEMAN. SPACEMAN tells the story of Orson - a hulking,..
Spirit Vol 02 (TP)
Darwyn Cooke - the visionary creator of the acclaimed DC: The New Frontier - turns his attention to the classic Will Eisner creation THE SPIRIT. The Spirit, Ebony, Commissioner Dolan and his daught..
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