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Joseph Michael Linsner (born December 13, 1968) is an American comic book writer-artist-colorist best known for his mature-audiences supernatural character Dawn, who first appeared in Cry for Dawn #1 (1989), self-published by Cry for Dawn Productions (CFD), owned by publisher Joseph Monks.


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Dark Ivory Vol 01 (TP)
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In the heart of a post-apocalyptic New York City lives a handsome, young mercenary, Darrian Ashoka. He lives in a Mad-Max style world of late-night battles and hanging out in bars. During a particular..
Dawn Vol 02 Return Of The Goddess (TP)
Bridget, a young witch, takes her own life rather than fall prey to the enemies pursuing her. With her last breath, she summons Dawn, the goddess of birth and rebirth, the goddess she and other witche..
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