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Terry Moore is a comic book en graphic novel author, best known as the creator of 'Strangers In Paradise'. This comic started as a three-issue mini-series published by Antarctic Press in 1993. Moore then self-published new issues from under his own Abstract Studio imprint, following the examples of independent authors like Dave Sim and Jeff Smith. In 1996, 'Strangers In Paradise' won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.

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Strangers In Paradise Vol 07 Sanctuary (TP)
Chronicles the relationship between three friends--Katchoo, Francine, and David--and the people they fall in and out of love with, in a story of dark pasts, hopeful futures, double-crosses, and true f..
159.00kr 80.00kr
Strangers In Paradise Vol 19 Ever After (TP)
Ever After is the final trade paperback in the Strangers in Paradise series chronicling the lives of Francine and Katchoo. When her famous brother-in-law falls prey to a crazed fan's bullet, Francine ..
159.00kr 80.00kr
Terry Moore's Echo Vol 04 Collider (TP)
Julie Martin''s body is covered in an atomic alloy that has infused her with the DNA of its dead creator, Annie. Now Annie is using Julie to do the impossible - stop the army from activating a 21-mile..
159.00kr 83.00kr
Terry Moore's Echo Vol 05 Black Hole (TP)
In order to stop the deadly Phi Collider from activating, Julie and Ivy must first find the rest of the alloy that empowers Julie. Unfortunately, that alloy is possessed by Cain, a psychotic killer wh..
159.00kr 83.00kr
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