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The series' story arcs are self-contained and focus on different characters, but these central characters inhabit the same world, grew up in fictional Center City, frequent the same bar, and share a common history of two generations of crime. With his partner Ivan, Tommy Patterson ran the city's most proficient crew of pickpockets and taught the trade to his eight-year-old son, Leo. When Tommy was arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Teeg Lawless, Ivan took care of Leo and explained to him how following certain rules can keep a criminal "out in the world," out of both prison and the morgue.

Around the same time, Teeg Lawless' two sons were arrested. While his fifteen-year-old brother Ricky was sent to a juvenile work camp, Tracy Lawless was given the option of going to prison or enlisting in the armed forces. Tracy joined the U.S. Army, abandoning Ricky but honing his skills as a soldier.

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Criminal Vol 01 Coward (TP)
From Harvey Award-Winning Best Writer Ed Brubaker, and Scream Award-Winning Best Artist Sean Phillips comes the first collection of Criminal, one of the best reviewed comics of 2006. Coward is the sto..
Criminal Vol 03 The Dead And The Dying (TP)
Winner of the Eisner Award for Best New Series, and Winner of the Harvey and Eisner Awards for Best Writer! The third collection of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' critically-acclaimed noir series foll..
179.00kr 90.00kr
Criminal Vol 04 Bad Night (TP)
A woman in trouble, friends on the run from cops and mobsters, and a secret no one is prepared to face! Five years ago, Jake was a happy family man, long-retired from the life of crime he grew up in, ..
179.00kr 90.00kr
Criminal Vol 05 The Sinners (TP)
Tracy Lawless returns with a vengeance in this strikingly-designed new edition from Image! Tracy Lawless is still a man caught between a history of violence and his own conscience. And now the worst b..
179.00kr 90.00kr
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