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God Is Dead is an ongoing comic bookseries released by Avatar Press monthly, starting in September 2013. Set in the future world of 2015, it deals with the second coming of the ancient gods and goddesses of the world's pantheons returning to Earth to lay claim to the world of man. The subplot is of a group of people named the Collective, who resist the ancient gods. The series was created by comic book authors Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa.

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Like a thunderbolt from heaven, the epic first chapter of Jonathan Hickman's God is Dead is here! Mankind has argued over the existence of gods since the dawn of time. In modern eras it's been fashion..
God Is Dead Vol 02 (TP)
Jonathan Hickman's vision for the end of the world through divine retribution continues with an electric new chapter from writer Mike Costa! After the cataclysmic battle of gods, the human religions a..
God Is Dead Vol 03 (TP)
Mankind prayed for salvation. As the gods of mythology fought and destroyed around them, they hoped and spoke in hushed tones of the return of the Christian God. Now Jesus Christ has risen and once ag..
God Is Dead Vol 04 (TP)
Release the Titans! Jonathan Hickman's revolutionary world combines the best fictional elements of mythology and science fiction into a unique narrative. Series author Mike Costa (G.I. JOE) brings the..
The Great Deceiver threw the world into chaos when after millennia of plotting and planning he finally killed God. Now Satan has initiated a pact to release the Titans upon the pantheons of gods still..
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