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Y: The Last Man is a dystopian science fiction comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra published by Vertigo beginning in 2002. The series is about the only man to survive the apparent simultaneous death of every male mammal (barring the same man's pet monkey) on Earth. The premise is noticeably similar to "Consider Her Ways," a 1964 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents where the world adopts a matriarchal society after a disease kills every man on Earth. The series was published in sixty issues by Vertigo and collected in a series of ten paperback volumes

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"Funny and scary … an utterly believable critique of society. A+"—THE WASHINGTON POST "The best graphic novel I've ever read."—STEPHEN KING "This year's best movie is a comic book."—“ALL THINGS ..
WINNER OF THREE EISNER AWARDS As Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth, begins to make his way across the country to California, he and his companions are forced to make an unscheduled stop in Marris..
WINNER OF THREE EISNER AWARDS The adventures of Yorick Brown continue in Y: THE LAST MAN: ONE SMALL STEP, collecting issues #11-17 of the critically acclaimed series. A Russian Soyuz capsule is com..
WINNER OF THREE EISNER AWARDS After a devastating plague, Yorrick Brown is the last man left alive in a world of women. On the run from Amazon extremists who would be happy to see him dead, his fri..
WINNER OF THREE EISNER AWARDS Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth, finally makes it to San Francisco where his unbalanced sister, Hero, finds him seemingly succumbing to the male-killing plague aft..
Y The Last Man Vol 07 Paper Dolls (TP)
WINNER OF THREE EISNER AWARDS In addition to catching up on the adventures of Yorick's monkey Ampersand (whose body holds the key to stopping the male-killing plague) and telling the origin of Agen..
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