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Battlefields is a comic book metaseries written by Garth Ennis, comprising several mini-series, each illustrated by a different artist and published by Dynamite Entertainment. The series is divided into self-contained mini-series of three issues, all of which are set during World War II. The first volume in turn consisted of three mini-series. The first mini-series, with artist Russell Braun, titled The Night Witches is set on the Eastern front and concerns a women-only Soviet bomber regiment.The second series, with artist Peter Snejbjerg, titled Dear Billy concerns a British nurse, who had survived rape and attempted execution by Japanese soldiers in Singapore, and her relationship with a decorated flying ace. The third series wasTankies with artist Carlos Ezquerra. It concerns an inexperienced British tank crew of Londoners in a Churchill Tank led by a Geordie veteran sergeant as they attempt to catch up with their company, enduring attacks by Nazi Tiger tanks as the Battle of Normandy rages on.

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England, January 1942: young Australian Ken Harding arrives at his first operational squadron, keen to play his part in the aerial attack on Germany as the commander of a bomber crew. Losses have been..
Garth Ennis - Battlefields Vol 05 Firefly And His Majesty (TP)
The Tankies' Sergeant Stiles returns, recently promoted and angrier than ever! He's got a new crew and a new tank - a Sherman Firefly with a high-velocity gun capable of taking out even the fearsome G..
Garth Ennis - Battlefields Vol 06 Motherland (TP)
The sequel to 2009's The Night Witches! Lieutenant Anna Kharkova is posted to single-seat fighter aircraft and sent straight into action. Hardened and embittered by the loss of her comrades, Anna is o..
Garth Ennis - Battlefields Vol 07 Green Fields Beyond (TP)
On the killing fields of Korea, veteran Sergeant Stiles and his "Tankies" finally have a war machine suited for any opposition. But with the Chinese spring offensive of 1951 underway, our heroes are c..
Garth Ennis - Battlefields Vol 08 Fall And Rise Of Anna Kharkova (TP)
Acclaimed graphic novelist Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher) chronicles the two-decade journey of Anna Kharkova, the Russian ace pilot and war hero of World War II. When Anna's aircraft crashes behind ..
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