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Comic books have been an integral and popular part of the American rock group Kiss' merchandising since 1977, beginning with their appearance in Marvel Comics' Howard the Duck #12. Over their career of nearly four decades, Kiss has licensed their name to “more than 3,000 product(s) to become nearly a one-billion-dollar brand.”

Licensed Kiss stories and adventures have been published by Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Platinum Studios, Archie Comics, and IDW Publishing; unlicensed stories have been published by Revolutionary Comics, among others. Ironically, according to frontman Gene Simmons, all the band members save himself "hate comic books."

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KISS #1 Dressed to Kill Part 1 (Tidning)
You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best! KISS is back in an all-new comic series that will appeal to longtime fans and new readers alike! Four ordinary humans in 1920s Chicago find themselves caught up ..
KISS #2 Dressed to Kill Part 2 (Tidning)
“Dressed to Kill,” part 2! KISS is reborn in comics, and united against the threat of the Elder! If only they can survive the time-spanning threat of “Wicked” Lester and his demonic minions in 1920s C..
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