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League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill, publication of which began in 1999. The series spans two six-issue limited series and a graphic novel from the America's Best Comics imprint of Wildstorm/DC, and a third miniseries and a graphic novel published by Top Shelf and Knockabout Comics. According to Moore, the concept behind the series was initially a "Justice League of Victorian England" but quickly grew into an opportunity to merge several works of fiction into one world.

Nemo River Of Ghosts (HC)

Alan Moore, Kevin O´Neill

In a world where all the fictions ever written coalesce into a rich mosaic, it's 1975. Janni Dakkar, pirate queen of Lin..

149.00 kr Exkl moms: 140.57 kr

Nemo Roses Of Berlin (HC)

Alan Moore, Kevin O´Neill

From The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Sixteen years ago, notorious science-brigand Janni Nemo journeyed into the f..

75.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 70.75 kr

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Omnibus Vol 01 (TP)

Alan Moore, Kevin O´Neill

At last, the original two LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN epics are collected in a single volume!In this amazingly ima..

299.00 kr Exkl moms: 282.08 kr

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol III Century #3 2009 (TP)

Alan Moore, Kevin O´Neill

In Chapter Three, the narrative draws to its cataclysmic close in London 2008. The magical child whose ominous coming ha..

99.00 kr Exkl moms: 93.40 kr

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