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Love and Rockets (often abbreviated L&R) is a comic book series by the brothers Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez, whose stories published in the series were independent of each other. It was one of the first comic books in the alternative comics movement of the 1980s.

The Hernandez brothers produced stories independently of each other. Gilbert and Jaime produced the majority of the material, and tended to focus on particular casts of characters and settings. Those of Gilbert usually focused on a cast of characters in the fictional Mexican village of Palomar; the stories often featured magic realist elements. The Locas stories of Jaime centered around a social group in Los Angeles, particularly the Latin-American friends and sometimes-lovers Maggie and Hopey.




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Bumperhead (HC)
A fascinatingly disjointed tale of drugs, rock and roll, and adolescence from a legendary cartoonist The Love and Rockets author, Gilbert Hernandez, returns with Bumperhead, a companion book to Marbl..
Fatima Blood Spinners (HC)
Comics luminary Gilbert Hernandez envisions his strangest, most thrilling future yet! A drug called "spin" offers the wildest trip imaginable, followed by its users' inevitable, rapid deterioration in..
Gilbert Hernandez traces the life of a 100-year-old man from cradle to grave in this fictional graphic novel. It begins in the year 1900, with the scream of a newborn. It ends, 100 pages later, in ..
In the latest installment of the long-running alternative comic series, Maria’s kids, grandkids and great-grandkids create rival movie adaptations of her life (i.e., Gilbert Hernandez’s Poison Ri..
In the annual installment of the long-running comic series, Ray’s ex, The Frogmouth, gets a visit from her sister; Luba’s granddaughter, Killer, stars in a movie inspired by their family. How do yo..
Love Bunglers (HC)
Contains the critically acclaimed and award-winning short comic “Browntown,” as well as other stories chronicling the life and loves of Maggie. Featuring Hernandez’s longtime Love and Rockets&..
In the first book of two, Gilbert Hernandez cartoons a meta “movie adaptation” of his Poison River storyline (complete with drug lords, “shady guardian angels,” torrid affairs and more) star..
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