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Thor, the god of Norse mythology, has appeared as a character in various comics over the years, appearing in series from a range of publishers. Thor (often called The Mighty Thor) is a Marvel Comics superhero, based on the thunder god of Norse mythology. The superhero was created by editor Stan Lee and penciller Jack Kirby, who co-plotted, and scripter Larry Lieber, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962).

On a mission from his father, Odin, Thor acts as a superhero while maintaining the secret identity of Dr. Donald Blake, an American physician with a partially disabled leg. Blake can transform by tapping his walking stick on the ground; the cane becomes the magical hammer Mjolnir and Blake transforms into Thor.

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What is the Worldheart? Plucked by Thor and his companions from the deepest roots of Yggdrasil - the World Tree, split in twain - the cosmic seed is now the most coveted object in Odin's possession. B..
First: the critical Fear Itself prequel that couldn't be told until now! Discover the true story behind the Serpent & Odin's past! Then, in the wake of Fear Itself, Odin decides the final fate of ..
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