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Brian Wood

Brian Wood (born January 29, 1972) is a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York. He is known primarily as a comic book creator; Wood both writes and illustrates graphic novels and serialized monthly comic books for a variety of publishers.

During his comics career, Wood held a day job for several years as a staff designer for Rockstar Games, designing for video game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Max Payne, Smuggler's Run, and Manhunt. He has created covers for Warren Ellis's Global Frequency and his own DMZ, as well as many others.

DMZ Book One (#1-12)

Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli

Writer Brian Wood (DEMO, The Massive) and artist Riccardo Burchielli (John Doe, DIAL H) come together to tell their crit..

280.00 kr Exkl moms: 264.15 kr

Massive Vol 01 Black Pacific (TP)

Brian Wood, Garry Brown, Kristian Donaldson

What does it mean to be an environmentalist after the world has already ended? For Callum Israel, leader of the Ninth Wa..

199.00 kr Exkl moms: 187.74 kr

DMZ Vol 12 The Five Nations Of New York (TP)

Brian Wood, J.P. Leon

A New York Times BestsellerAs New York City starts the healing process, the political realities on the ground ..

75.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 70.75 kr

DMZ Vol 11 Free States Rising (TP)

Brian Wood, J.P. Leon

With all his allegiances wiped away by the mistakes he's made, embedded journalist Matty Roth watches as the Free States..

100.00 kr 199.00 kr Exkl moms: 94.34 kr

DMZ Vol 10 Collective Punishment (TP)

Brian Wood, J.P. Leon

In this collection of five single-issue stories, citizens and soldiers – new characters and old – weather the storm of a..

75.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 70.75 kr

DMZ Vol 09 M.I.A. (TP)

Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli

The ninth volume in the critically acclaimed series that looks at life during wartime – America’s 21st century Civil War..

75.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 70.75 kr

DMZ Vol 08 Hearts And Minds (TP)

Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli, Ryan Kelly

The world and characters of the DMZ — a futuristic, war-torn Manhattan — are expanded and enriched in this eighth volume..

85.00 kr 169.00 kr Exkl moms: 80.19 kr

DMZ Vol 07 War Powers (TP)

Brian Wood, Kristian Donaldson, Nikki Cook , Riccardo Burchielli

The story of Matty Roth, the ultimate embedded war journalist trapped in a most unlikely war zone: the street of New Yor..

75.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 70.75 kr

Fight For Tomorrow (TP)

Brian Wood, Denys Cowan, Kent Williams

Written by Brian Wood Art by Denys Cowan & Kent Williams Collecting the miniseries by Brian Wood and artist Denys Co..

75.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 70.75 kr

DMZ Vol 02 Body Of A Journalist (TP)

Brian Wood, Kristian Donaldson, Riccardo Burchielli

Written by Brian Wood Art by Riccardo Burchielli Cover by Wood Don't miss this volume collecting issues #6-12 of the acc..

65.00 kr 149.00 kr Exkl moms: 61.32 kr

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