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  • Baltimore Vol 05 Apostle And The Witch Of Harju (HC)

Lord Baltimore hunts the godlike Red King, who is responsible for the vampire plague. After saving a young woman from her undead husband, Baltimore and his team of fearless vampire killers face the demonic offspring of a witch, and uncover the truth about the inquisitor turned werewolf Judge Duvic--now more bloodthirsty than ever. Collects Baltimore: The Witch of Harju #1-#3 and The Wolf and the Apostle #1-#2.

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Baltimore Vol 05 Apostle And The Witch Of Harju (HC)

  • 180.00 kr

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Taggar: Chapel Of Bones, Baltimore, Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Ben Stenbeck, Dave Stewart, Dark Horse, horror, mystery, vampires, hellboy, BPRD; abe sapien,

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